Towards Singularity.

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Apex is a community-run platform powered by the native coin Omnia ($OMNIA) hosting thousands of decentralized applications in a gas-free environment.

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true zero gas fee blockchain.


unlimited transactions + smart contract interactions = 0 gas fee

Whether transacting between wallets, interacting with a smart contract, or swapping in a DEX, absolutely no gas fees whatsoever.

Secure & Encrypted Crypto Wallet - Blockchain X Webflow Template

Secure & encrypted COmmunication.

All communications are super secured and encrypted using SSL and TLS v 1.2.

Send & Receive Crypto Tokens - Blockchain X Webflow Template

Send & receive crypto tokens with no fees.

Transactions like coin or token transfers from one wallet to another are absolutely free and require no gas fees.

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freely invoke smart contracts.

With zero gas fees, invoke as many smart contracts as you would like and enjoy a decentralized experience.

150,000 TPS (transactions per second).

Our nodes are highly scalable and support both horizontal and vertical scaling, with the ability to scale up to 10,000 nodes on demand. Our infrastructure scales up or down with on-chain volume to optimize resource utilization.

ONly chain to have TRUE ZERO fees
Fast and secure transactions
256-bit secure encryption

Bulletproof security by design.


Security incidents

All our nodes and RPC urls are secured by CloudFlare.


AES encryption

All our services are secured by 256 bit AES encryption backed by SSL and TLS v 1.2.


Encrypted data

Whether in transit or at rest, all the data is encrypted using either symmetric or asymmetric keys.


proof of authority

We run POA consensus algorithm across all our nodes.


Security certification

All tokens launched will be audited by our security partners at Soken.


Know your customer

All tokens launched will be KYC'ed by our security partners at Soken.


APEX is dao

All the projects onboarded on APEX will go through framework designed by our Node validators.

Node Validators

APEX currently has 11 Node Validators. These NV's here share their
vision related to APEX.


A New Era of Blockchain Solutions

Bringing the spotlight back on innovation in a world which has normalized mediocrity and repetition.

Empowering the Next Generation

The 3 pillars of APEX- Innovation. Security. Speed.


Where Safety and Security meet Web3 Technology

Instilling security at the heart of the technology, not as an afterthought.


Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Apex ?

Apex is a custom Layer 1 blockchain that focuses on security, availability, and performance. It is highly scalable, with lab tested transaction speed up to 150,000 TPS and uptime of 99.999%.

What is the native Coin of Apex?

$OMNIA is the native coin of Apex, and exists as a multi-chain token on BSC, ETH (coming soon), and Polygon (coming soon). provides the official bridge for $OMNIA.

Where to buy $OMNIA (Apex Native Coin)?

The native $OMNIA is available on many DEX and CEX, e.g., Sphynx BSC, BiBox, BitForex and BitMart.

What DEX/CEX have Integrated Apex Or will integrate?

Apex is integrated on, BitMart and BiBox.

How to launch a project on Apex?

Projects can apply to launch on Apex here. To maintain the integrity and high standards of Apex, project applications will undergo a thorough review by the Apex Node Validators (NVs).  xto8 is the official launchpad and innovation platform of the Apex chain.

What is the total supply of $OMNIA?

The total supply of $OMNIA across all chains is limited to 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion).

Has $OMNIA coin been audited?

Yes, $OMNIA has been audited by Soken. The results are located here.

What type of consensus mechanism is Apex Blockchain using?

Apex uses a Proof of Authority (POA) algorithm which delivers lighting-fast transactions without sacrificing availability or security.