Oct 9, 2022

$BLOCK — The Center of the Omnia MultiVerse

$BLOCK — The Center of the Omnia MultiVerse

$BLOCK — The Center of the Omnia MultiVerse

$BLOCK — The Center of the Omnia MultiVerse

$BLOCK may be one of the most important tokens to enter the OmniaVerse ecosystem. It will serve as the main utility token, and has the following utilities –

· used for trading,

· OpenSea listings,

· marketplace purchases,

· p2p trading,

· subscriptions,

· staking and in-game currency across multiple games in the OmniaVerse ecosystem.

Staking $BLOCK — The Reward Galore

Staking Block is literally the most exciting feature of OmniaVerse at the moment. OmniaVerse has developed a revolutionary new concept when it comes to NFTs. Not only will their NFTs have utility and use case, which is now becoming a more common feature, but they have taken it one step further by making their NFTs game agnostic. Yes, you heard it right — stake BLOCK, earn NFTs ranging from common to Ultra Rare and use them across a MutliVerse of games.

What does this mean and why is it important?

For a long time, NFTs were a niche within the overall crypto community. An idea born on the Blockchain with little to no use case. Then came NFTs with utility. They served a purpose within an ecosystem or game but still had their limits. This is where OmniaVerse has come to flip the NFT world on its head. Any of the 3D model NFTs received from staking $BLOCK will be compatible with any gaming platform that supports GLB files. This means that you can bring your NFT with you as you go from game to game. Not only the games created and developed by OmniaVerse but ANY game already in existence. From Minecraft to Oculus home. This ability will change the concept of NFTs for good. These are the very first of their kind which makes them Ultra rare and they can only be obtained by staking $BLOCK.

$BLOCK staking rewards program

The $BLOCK staking program is built on a tier system. The more you stake and the longer the duration the more NFTs and rarer NFTs you will receive. Just imagine getting your hands on a first of its kind, Ultra Rare, game agnostic NFT.

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