Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Apex ?

Apex is a custom Layer 1 blockchain that focuses on security, availability, and performance. It is highly scalable, with lab tested transaction speed up to 150,000 TPS and uptime of 99.999%.

What is the native Coin of Apex?

$OMNIA is the native coin of Apex, and exists as a multi-chain token on BSC, ETH (coming soon), and Polygon (coming soon). TheSphynx.co provides the official bridge for $OMNIA.

Where to buy $OMNIA (Apex Native Coin)?

The native $OMNIA is available on many DEX and CEX, e.g. Omniaverse.io, Sphynx BSC, BiBox, BitForex and BitMart.

What DEX/CEX have Integrated Apex Or will integrate?

Apex is integrated on TheSphynx.co, BitMart and BiBox.

How to launch a project on Apex?

Projects can apply to launch on Apex here. To maintain the integrity and high standards of Apex, project applications will undergo a thorough review by the Apex Node Validators (NVs).  xto8 is the official launchpad and innovation platform of the Apex chain.

What is the total supply of $OMNIA?

The total supply of $OMNIA across all chains is limited to 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion).

Has $OMNIA coin been audited?

Yes, $OMNIA has been audited by Soken. The results are located here.

What type of consensus mechanism is Apex Blockchain using?

Apex uses a Proof of Authority (POA) algorithm which delivers lighting-fast transactions without sacrificing availability or security.